You Found the Location, Now What

In our last post, we discussed finding your Irish ancestors location. Once you found the location the question becomes, now what? Well, there area few things but we will start with finding them in the Griffith Valuation.

If your ancestors were in Ireland between 1847 and 1864 to see if you can figure out exactly where your family lived. It is said that Griffith’s is “one of the most important surviving 19th century genealogical records.”1

Below is the listing of my ancestor,  Denis Connell, in Griffith. It shows that he resides in the parish of Dromtarriff, and the townland of Garraveasoge. This is all information that we found yesterday about the family’s location.



If we zoom in on the information we find out a few things about Denis and his dwelling, and who his landlord is.  Denis lives in a house that the net annual value is 8 shillings, his landlord or immediate lessor is Fitzgerald O’Keeffe.




The information also shows that Denis house is located at 2A b on the coordinating map.

OS Map of Garraveasoge

Looking at the map, we can see that there are no real markings for the house located at 2A b. But we can find the townland, and that is a start.





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