Wordless Wednesday: West Virginia Coal Mines

Coal Mine in West Virginia
June 2004
This photo was taken by my daughter Brittany from a moving car,
while on our way to Beckley, WV.
We were just outside of Charleston, WV when she took this.
We come from a long line of miners.



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  1. A beautiful and intriguing photo. I can’t imagine going down into the earth to work for hours on end. But I know we as a nation have gained so much because of their dangerous work.
    Your daughter did a great job from that moving vehicle!

  2. Judith, Thanks for stopping by and reading. I’m with you I could never do this job. We took a tour of a closed mine and the conditions these men worked in was horrible. Not to mention their safety. But, that is why my family moved from there. I have been told Grandpa was a little accident prone.

    As for the picture, she took a few awesome shots from the moving car. She was about 13 at the time. She has such an eye for photography!

    Again thanks for stopping and posting.

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