Wordless Wednesday: Besoco, West Virgina

June 2004
Besoco, West Virginia
Mary Jane, Zedith and Susie Lachney
in front of the house they grew up in.
Picture taken on a Trip to WV for the Hilton Family Reunion.
 ©Terri O’Connell



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  1. Hello,
    I lived in Besoco from 1950 until 1961. I don’t recognize your house. Where did you live? I lived in the first house on the left as you come up the hill from the railroad tracks. This house does look a little bit like the house next door to where I lived.

    1. Carmen,

      This was the house my Grandma grew up in. I am not 100% sure of the exact location. We visited so many places on this visit.

    2. Hi Carmen:

      Believe it or not, I grew up in the house next to you in Besoco with my parents and two sisters. Remember me? I lived there from about 1954 until 1966. I drove through Besoco in about 1985 and discovered that our house was no longer standing – just an empty field. I don’t know if it burned down or was torn down, but the stone retainer wall down the sidewalk was still there! Your house was still standing. It was a shocker to see the empty field.

      The posted picture sure looks like our old house. It could be the house on the other side of ours. If not, it looks more like one of the houses heading in the opposite direction toward the old Stoco High School or possibly across the road from Price’s Grocery Store.

      I hope you are well. I have many great memories from Besoco especially those of your Mom and Dad. These years are flying by was too fast!!!

      Best to you,

      Frank J. Larry, Jr.

      1. I just came across this while looking at old pics…..my dad owned the little prices grocery store. This house looks like the house the majolica lived in across from bill abner….love these old pics
        Ron Price

        1. I meant Maholics was the name of the family, for some reason “spell check got it wrong”. thanks Terri

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