Winter Guard Competition Leads to Shopping for Antiques

Last week a spent a few days in Ohio with a high school friend and her teenage daughter for a winter guard competition. I had never heard of winter guard before and thought it would be fun to get away from my day-to-day life and have some fun with an old friend. Little did I know that my friend loved antique stores.

After the competition was said and done we decided to stop at the Treasure Barn Antique Mall and see what they had in stock. My friend was looking for things for her home and I was looking for anything that I could use to do a bit of research on.

I found some great treasures during our stroll through the antique mall. Things I could not leave behind. Which leaves me with some new people to research and see what I can find out about them. I ended up purchasing a few things; a bundle of school records of one boy (which includes a picture of him), two large portraits of different women and two tintype photos of women.

Ephemera from Treasure Barn Antique Mall
Ephemera from Treasure Barn Antique Mall

I am excited about each of these items, but especially about the tintypes. I do not have any in my collection of old photographs. Unfortunately, there was nothing with them to help me identify who is in each one. But, they are cool to add to my collection of old photographs.

I look forward to the next step, which is doing research to see who the people are in the items where the names were listed.



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