Wilmette Family History Center

Recently, I have spent a fair amount of time at the Wilmette Family History Center. Most of my time has been in the Cook County vital records. The Wilmette FHC houses a good portion of these records and I appreciate that they are available for genealogists to access without the high cost of the government involved.

With all the time I have spent there this past month, I have learned somethings that I thought are important to share with those researching their Cook County Ancestors.

The most important thing I wanted to share is that the center will be closed for the whole month of August! Usually they are open on Saturdays during August. The reason for the month long closure is that they will be under construction. I was able to see one of the floor plans that they are thinking about and it will really assist in turning the center into a place to go and learn as well.

If you are in need of Cook County records and would like them before September, please contact me and we can set up some time for your research to happen before the center closes in August. Time is of the essence for this, so do not wait.

I am also excited because when they open in September, they will be adjusting the hours the center will be open. From what I have been told, the center will be open Tuesday and Wednesday’s from 10am to 9pm! These hours will make it so much easier to go inand research, especially for the larger projects!



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  1. Hi, Terri! So thoughtful of you to warn folks. Sounds like this is construction leading to improvement — expanded hours instead of contracted! Glad to hear of a library not claiming “austerity” or “cuts in budget.” Good news.

  2. Please let me know the hours the Wilmette Family History Center will be open in September. If I know the number of the film I need do I just order it over the phone now? What is the procedure?

    1. Geri,

      According to what I was told in July, the center will be open Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am – 9pm and on Saturday, 9 am to 1pm. Of course, things can change without notice. I would advise you give them a call before you visit to verify their hours.

      Thanks for stopping by, its greatly appreciated.


  3. I received notice that my order for film 277781 was shipped last week. Has it arrived yet and how am I notified? Am I right that the new hours are Tuesdays 10-3 and 6:30-9:00, Wednesdays 6:30 to 9:00, Thursdays 10:00 – 3:00 and Saturday 9:00 to 1:00?

    Thanks for your help. Geri MacMillan

    1. Geri,

      I wish I had the answers you are looking for. My best advice is to give them a call on the film you ordered. As for the times, I believe it is T/TH 9-9, but again you need to call them to verify.

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