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One of the many reasons I want to go to Ireland is to research my family. It only makes sense that as the family genealogist who is heading to Ireland that I would be taking some time to do a bit of on the ground research while I am there.

Well, it’s not true. I really do not plan to do any real research while I am there. As I wrote in my last post, I have a list of over places I would like to visit and our time is limited. Not to mention that my travel partner is not a genealogist. I promised that I would limit myself to a visit to the valuation office and that was it. Well, I fibbed a bit and plan to hit the National Library of Ireland as well. Not to research though, just to ask questions. They have genealogists that volunteer to assist you with what you should be doing next.

So here is my plan:

  1. Visit the valuation office: I want to see if they have a better image of the map on Griffith’s Valuation (GV) for the area Denis Connell lived. According to GV Denis lived in 2 A b on the map, in the townland of Garravesoig. I have carefully gone over the map and there is no notation of the A or the b. I also want to get the page in their book that shows who lived in this house as the years went on. I had a friend show me the pages she came home with and I definitely need to have them too!
  2. National Library of Ireland: I am going to bring in all I have on the family of Denis Connell and Ellen Fehine. I am hoping that might be able to give me some information on moving my research forwarded (even if I have to visit again, that would be awful I am sure (LOL).

Well, that is it in a nutshell on what I plan to do research wise. What I did not mention is that I do plan to try and find the place where Denis lived (thus the visit to the valuation office) and also a visit to the church the family attended while they lived in Ireland.



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