How Will 2016 Be Remembered

How Will 2016 Be Remembered?

What a loaded question that is! For me it will be remembered as the year we lost way too many celebrities.

Yes, I know that death is a part of life. I know we should expect it. But, I have to say in my 40+ years I do not remember a year so loaded with the deaths of celebrities that were such a part of my life.


David Bowie, Prince and George Michael.

Actor / Actresses:

Debbie Reynolds, her daughter Carrie Fisher, Florence Henderson, and Gene Wilder.

Historical Icons:

John Glenn

Other things to remember:

It will also be the year that is remembered for the Presidential election. A constant show of crazy and hate on all sides. I do not recall any election that was so out of control.

For me personally, it is another chapter of life that comes to a close. I am grateful for the time I spent visiting with my family.

In May we shocked my Mom with a visit to her in Florida.

In June, my daughter and I went to West Virginia and visited with my Grandfathers cousin. She took us around to see the area the family has lived in for over 100 years. We also visited the local library where I found many of my ancestors in their books. On our last day in the area we drove to the Hinton area to visit the land of our Revolutionary Soldier, William C. Richmond.

From WV we drove to Bristol, TN to attend the Warden family reunion. It was our first time doing this and I am so glad we did. We met nice extended cousins who welcomed us into the family. This positive experience has me trying to plan a reunion for the Richmond Family.

Even though we saw so much loss within the year, we cannot (and must not) forget the good. I am choosing to take the few items I listed here (as well as some personal ones) with me into 2017. I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!




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