Who Are You Seeking in the 1940 Census

A great question posed to the geneabloggers by Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog.

Who are you seeking in the 1940 census? Of course, we have long lists of family members that we would like to see where they are at. But, who do you really seek? Who is the first person you will look for, and why that family?

My reply to this is the Jaeger family. Which, is my paternal grandmother’s family. In 1940 my grandma will be 21 and married with her own children. But, that is not what I want to know. I will be looking for her parents, Fred and Ella (Jonas) Jaeger.

Why the Jaeger’s? Well, let’s just say that I have been given some advice from another realm that needs to be investigated. I do not want to say to more because, if its true I will share it here anyway. If not, well then I move on to my next family mystery.

So, who are you seeking in the 1940 census?




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  1. Ooh – good question. I have no idea! It honestly depends on what mystery opens up with one of my families. I will probably seek my LADD line. My Grandma Dorty is close to my heart. I know where she was, but to see her name again will make me smile. I’m chasing my great-grandmother Hattie because I know very little about her. She passed before my mother was born. I may look for her just to get a glimpse into where she and her blacksmith husband were living and existing at the time. We’ll see. Good food for thought!

    1. It really is! I was going to make a list of who I wanted to find, but never thought who I would search for first! Remind me to tell you the story behind this via email.

  2. It’s my mom’s first census, but I’ll be looking for my dad’s aunts and uncles – his grandfather died in 1937 (and grandmother had been gone for years), so it will be interesting to see what all these unmarried people did at that point in the family’s life.

    1. betsy, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. How wonderful to be able to search for your parents in this census. I have to wait 10 more years for that. It is exciting to think about what the changes will bring with this census. Happy searching!

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