Which Keynote Address are you Excited to Hear at RootsTech

Last week RootsTech finally announced their last keynote speaker for the 10th anniversary conference.

The keynote speakers are Emmitt Smith, Steve Rockwood, David Kennerly, Ryan Hamilton, and last but certainly not least, Leigh Anne Touhy.

I’m certain that with the differences in each keynote speaker we will be hearing many great stories. It doesn’t matter what walk of life they come from, everyone has a story to share.

The one I am most interested to hear at this point is that of Leigh Anne Touhy. Her story was told in the movie Blind Side with Sandra Bullock playing the part of Leigh Anne. My son attended Ole Miss just after the movie released, and like the Touhy’s, we love Ole Miss. I am hoping that she will share a little bit of her families story that goes along with the movie, as well as the story of the family that came before her.

Which keynote address are you excited to hear?



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