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  1. Continuation of my Only series with research for ‘Only the Smiths’ that starts with tribal origins before 1103BC through Europe to Highland Scotland and signing a standing stone overlooking the Gadie burn named after their origin. The AD78 revisit and settlement before stopping the Romans attempt to conquer the north. Rewriting the Mons Graupius event as a family quarrel on confirmed evidence, and finding further confirmation as I join my Chattan, MacPherson, clan and the Old Chattan named founders of the main clans with Gow Chrom a Smith taking centre position for offspring to move to Aberdeenshire contrasted with history affecting them all. ‘Only the Catti’ and ‘Only a Celtic Quarrel’ are found online, or at or ask for the Ingram catalogue at bookshops. Author David James Smith. I have included the Browns of MacKay too.

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