What are you to do

What are you to do? You are away at a conference, listening to those that are supposed to be the top of their field, the lectures are fine. You have no issues. you go out in the field and the resident expert is doing something that is against ‘the rules.’  

Let me set the scene for you:

HeadstoneAfter listening to lectures for the day, you head out to a local cemetery. There are gravestones from the 1700s within the cemetery. Your resident expert has taken chalk to a gravestone so that they might see what is not visible.

You know from your years of experience that this is wrong. But, this is the expert that is speaking this week and you do not want to stir up trouble. To make matters worse, there is another resident expert watching and they say nothing either. For more information on this, see NCGenWebs post on Safe solutions for hard to read tombstones.

What do you do? Do you jump up and stop them, say something publicly? How about privately after everyone leaves? Do you address the second expert to see why they did not say anything? Do you send a private email or letter?

Obviously, there are many different options to this scenario but I wonder which is the best way to handle it.

[info_box type=”notice_box”]Disclaimer: This is not an instance I was involved in, though I have recently read about a situation like it. It got me wondering what really is the correct way to handle a situation like this.[/info_box]



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