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Becca, Terri and Patti V (from L to R) at the WGN720AM Studios

I was on WGN720 AM radio on the Patti V Show at the end of June. I was promoting an upcoming beginning genealogy workshop I was hosting at the Irish American Heritage Center. I had been on some Irish radio shows prior to this show, so I was pretty comfortable with being in front of the microphone.

I went to grammar school with Patti so we do have some history together. It was fun to chat with her about life, the Irish American Heritage Center and of course, genealogy.

Patti is a comedian of Irish – Mexican descent. If you have had the chance to catch one of her shows, you can usually hear a joke or two about her parents.

I have talked with Patti many times in the past about finding her families link to Ireland, but the stars never aligned for us to do that. Knowing in advance that I would be on her show, I was able to take a few days and dedicate some time to research her Irish family.

Doing this meant scouring the Irish genealogy websites and searching a south suburban cemetery. This research proved to be fruitful and I was able to do an on air reveal for her. I loved being able to share that her emigrant ancestor, Mary, came from Wood Townland, County Mayo, Ireland.

You can listen to the reveal on WGN720.



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