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Many people do not understand how Facebook can help you with your genealogy research. It truly is a shame that many will not take the advice and open an account. I know social media is not for everyone. But, sometimes you have to give in to the fangled way of getting help.

As my readers know, my family has strong ties to West Virginia. To be exact my mother was born there, as well as her mother and father. My Richmond family has strong ties to West Virginia and Virginia. I have visited the areas in WV twice. Once on a guided tour with my grandmother and another time with my son. There is something about the area that I just cannot explain. Everyone is hospitable, the area is beautiful and you can just see the life the family had there in the mountains.

Unfortunately, I do not get to visit WV (or VA for that matter) enough. Sometimes that makes research  tough. How do you get over brick walls when you cannot get to the place where you are researching? How do you learn more about the social history of the area? How do you find the distant cousins you are seeking?

There are many answers to these questions, but I want to focus on Facebook. I have found distant relatives in the groups on facebook. I have had others answer questions I could not and I know where to go when I have new questions.

For West Virginia there are the following groups:

And these are just a few that I belong to, I am sure there are more. Go explore and see if you find any that might help your research.



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