We’re Related: Elvis

We're Related! Possibly...Yesterday, Ancestry released a new app called We’re Related and there has been a lot of discussion on Facebook about it.

Some are in the camp that it is a cool tool to help get those not interested in genealogy to become interested. Others, not so much. They feel it is a marketing tool by Ancestry to get more subscribers. Another person states that real genealogists do not like these types of things. Guess what, I have seen many professional genealogists talking about it and how their kids thought it was cool!

With all the political discussions being so negative, I guess many find it easy to continue being negative. Me, I need some more positivity now.

So the question is, who am I related to? Well, I currently have a list of five people who Ancestry states I might be related to.


What does that mean?

It means I need to do the research to verify it! Yep, you read that right. The information needs to be verified.

The one that really popped out to me was Elvis Presley! My Mom was a big fan and growing up, we always listened to Elvis. She even made sure we got to visit Graceland when we were little. I did say BIG FAN, right?

So what is our connection? That was the first thing I looked at. We’re Related says we are 8th cousins 2x removed. It states our common ancestor is Elizabeth Johnson (1676 – 1760). That is pretty far back!

When I click on the 10 (which is how many generations back Elizabeth is from me), a list opens up to show you how you are connected to her.

My list looks like this:

Elizabeth Johnson
Francis Meadows
Jeremiah Isaac Meadows
Philip Meadows
Elizabeth Meadows
Martha Jane Dix / Dick
John Eldridge Richmond
William Hunter Richmond
William Hunter Richmond Jr.

Elvis’ list looks like this:

Elizabeth Johnson
Vincent Tapp
Moses Tapp
Elizabeth Tapp
Lydia Gideon
John Wallace
Jessie D Presley
Vernon Elvis Presley
Elvis Aaron Presley

Looking at my list, I have done the research from myself through Philip Meadows. So I just have to take some time and see if the others do connect to Philip. I did look at the connections from Jeremiah to Elizabeth and they look pretty solid, but I will reserve my judgement until I complete my research.

As for Elvis’ ancestry, I did a bit of googling and found out that Jessie Presley was born to an unwed mother which is why he does not carry his father’s surname. But that is what google is saying, not research. So, if I want to know, I will have to research his family as well. In my spare time…(though Mom would love to know if this is true!)

The moral of the story, this is for fun. We do not know who did the research on the these families. Take the time to verify what you see before you preach it as the gospel. Who knows, maybe Lisa Marie does not want any new cousins claiming her.

If you are interested in checking our We’re Related, you can find it in your app store.




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