Wedding Wednesday: William Springer and Florence Murphy

Groom William G. Springer

Bride Florence A. Murphy

Residence of Groom  Berlin, N. H.

        ” ”             Bride        ”        ”    “

Age of Groom 22

  ”         Bride 21

Color of Groom White

       ”        Bride   “

Occupation of Groom  Labourer

       ”                   Bride  at home

Birthplace of Groom  Montpelier, VT

      ”                  Bride  Prince Edw. Island

No. of Marriage for Groom 1st

             ”                      Bride   1st

Groom Widowed or Divorced ——

Bride          ”            ”       ”          ——

Intention Filed Feb 10, 1916

By Whom Married Rev. Jas. B. McCaffrey

Residence Gorham, N.H.

Official Station*  Clergyman

Date of Marriage Mar. 6, 1916

Place  Gorham, N.H.

(Record continued over)

*Clergyman or Justice of the Peace

Groom’s Father and Mother

Father’s Name Alex Springer

    ”      Residence Deceased

     ”     Age 37  Color White

     ”     Occupation Moulder

     ”     Birthplace Montpelier, Vt.

Mother’s Name Mary H. Cote

     ”      Residence Berlin, N.H.

     ”       Age          Color White

     ”       Occupation Housewife

     ”       Birthplace Canada

Bride’s Father and Mother

Father’s Name Dominie Murphy

”      Residence Deceased

”     Age 59  Color White

”     Occupation Farmer

”     Birthplace Prince Edw. Island

Mother’s Name Rose A. McIntyre

”      Residence Berlin, N.H.

”       Age  54      Color White

”       Occupation Housewife

”       Birthplace Prince Edw. Island



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    1. Judith, It would be great if we could find marriage records for all of our ancestors that gave us such detailed information. The only problem is the information is as good as the person who supplied it. For example, on this record it shows that Alex Springer was born in Vt. when he was actually born in Quebec. But, I guess it would be better to get some information, rather than none.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  1. Heather, I don’t have any other information on this line. William Spinger is my great great uncle. I will see what else I can find on this line and let you know. Sorry I took a bit to reply. I am not getting notified on all of the comments, not sure why. I just replied to about 4 different comments that I did not know about.

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