Way to go, Chicago Cubs

I was born and raised in Chicago, on the North side to be exact. That should have meant I was raised a Chicago Cubs fan. But, it does not.

I attended my first baseball game in third grade. It was a family field trip, at night. We took the school bus to the south side of Chicago to watch the Chicago White Sox play at Comiskey Field, with many other families. I cannot tell you who was there or even if the Sox won the game. I can tell you that from that day forward, I was a Sox fan. Not one of those super dedicated, I have to watch every game type of fan. But if I was rooting for a baseball team in Chicago, it was always the Sox.

As I got older and spent more time out of the house I learned that I was an oddity. Not many north siders root for the south side baseball team. I was ok with that. I even spent many days in the summer watching the Cubs play (on tv) at a friend’s house and at my Grandparents house, while they rooted the Cubbies on. I always laughed, one thing was always for certain and that was they would never get to the World Series.

Later in life, when I had my second child, a son, he also grew up as a Sox fan. A bit more dedicated than his mom. While he was in grammar school the Sox made it to the World Series and won in 2005! He was so excited. We still lived on the north side and all of his friends were Cubs fans and they were not always the nicest to him about his being a Sox fan. He was told by many that the Sox were just lucky…Like his Mom, it did not matter what people had to say, we are dedicated to our team!

Fast forward to 2016. Never in a million years did I think I would be alive to witness the end of the curse of the Chicago Cubs. NEVER! As the regular season came to a close, it was exciting to see a Chicago team making it into the divisional championship. After all, I still live in Chicago and we love a good competition. I was super excited because my brother-in-law is a huge Cubs fan, and I knew this would mean a lot to him.

As the Division series started, I paid attention and watched some of the games, but definitely watched the scores on my phone. Always thinking, ‘Could this really be the year?’ Well, they pulled off the Division title and Chicago was thrilled.

As the World Series started we sat down and watched every game (at home). As the series continued, it looked like the Cubs would lose as the Cleveland Indians were ahead 3 – 1 in the series. When the games started back up in Cleveland, the Cubs rallied and came out to tie the Cubs 3-3 by game 7.

Game 7 was a real nail biter. This coming from a woman who only watches sporadically, and not really ever the Cubs. I They started strong and then Cleveland rallied to tie it up in the 8th, 6-6. All of Chicago was probably on pins and needles, because I know I was. The 9th inning closes with no scores and we go into the 10th, with a rain delay. Dear God, get this game going was all I could think. We NEED to win this. If any fans deserve this win, it is the dedicated Cubs fans that return year after year and hold strong to the thought that this can be the year, every year.

In the top of the 10th the Cubs score two runs and get their third strike while the bases are loaded. I could only thing, if only we got that grand slam. We could definitely win then. Cleveland takes to batting and score one run in the bottom of the 10th and everyone goes crazy with the last out. Chicago actually did it. They Cubs actually won the 2016 World Series! It was great to watch the games, and even the big name stars who are huge Cubs fans in the seats cheering their team on. Bill Murray and Eddie Vedder where constants, Vince Vaughn, Bonnie Hunt, and John Cusack were all there to see their team make that historic win. 108 years and the curse has been removed, the goat is gone and Chicago celebrates!

Chicago Cubs

I know this post really has nothing to do with genealogy, but it truly is a historical event for Chicago. Though, I do have a distant cousin who played for the team at one point in his professional baseball career. I wonder if he watched the game last night and what his thoughts are. If I could only get him to reply to my letter…

Also, my maternal Grandparents were huge Cubs fans and I know they watched from above as their hometown team came from behind and stole the show last night, to bring home the much coveted prize, the title WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!




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