Washington County Historical Society

About two weeks ago, I sent an email off to the Washington County Historical Society in NY. I was trying to see if they might have information on my brick wall ancestor, John O’Connell. See my previous post to learn more.

Today, in the mail I received a large envelope in the mail. I was so excited. My hopes were that they had more information to add to my tree. Unfortunately, they had nothing new to add. Though, they did say they are willing to do more research if I have any more clues for them. They also sent phone #’s so that I can try to get ahold of a vital record. Hopefully the numbers they sent will connect me to a live person, unlike the numbers I have found that no one answers.

I love that these historical societies will do research for free. The only thing they are asking for is $.25 per copy they send you or a new member in their society. I have planned to join this society for a while and hope to do so in the near future.

I appreciate all the societies out there that are assisting other family historians like myself.



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