Vote: Our Ancestors Fought So We Can

I remember staying up to watch the election results well before I was 8 years old. I have no clue what election it was, or who was running. I only remember my father making a big deal about my wanting to stay up. As I turned 18, I did not register to vote, I felt my vote was not important and would not make a big deal.

In my 20s I was a mom of two young children and I finally registered to vote. I only registered because they came to my house for me to do so. They made it easy for this mom of young kids…but I still did not get out to vote. I did not see how I could make a difference.

Polling Place

In 2007, my eldest turned 18 and we went and voted as a family. This was my first time voting, and I realized we do make a difference and we MUST get out there and vote. I am not 100% certain what changed my mind, was it a woman running for the nomination? Was it that I had to show my daughter that I believe in the process and we have to honor the women who fought for the right to vote? Maybe it is all of those reasons. It just clicked and I was so proud to cast me first ballot.

This week we are doing it again, casting our ballot for who we think will do the best job for our country, keeping us moving forward. As I cast my vote, I will be thinking of women like Susan B. Anthony who fought for us to have this right. They saw the big picture and made sure we have that right.



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