Visiting the Big island

Over the summer we took a family vacation to the Big Island. It was our first trip to Hawaii, and I absolutely loved it. Honestly, I did not want to come. The weather, though warm, was perfect. What makes it so perfect are the tropical breezes that sweep over the island. At night, as the nights gets darker, the sky lights up with the most amazing stars I have ever seen. Yes, a star is a star. But, I live in an over populated city that has street lights for miles. Our view of the nights sky is pretty, but nothing spectacular. Hawaii’s night sky is spectacular! Besides the weather and the night sky, I enjoyed many things that we did and the things we saw on the trip. I have many cemetery pictures that will be posted at a later date. But, my favorite part was finding a small Catholic Church that played a part in Hollywood’s history.

While scouring the internet for things to see or anything of historical relevance on the Big Island, I came across a post about St. Peter’s Catholic Church. I had to take a peek at it.
Here is what I found. On November 1, 1954 John Wayne married Pilar Pallete at St. Peter’s. I tried to find their marriage record, unfortunately its not available on line. However, I was able to find a few (read many…) newspaper articles.

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