A Visit to Kent State

Kent State Historical Marker, May 4 1970
Historical Marker at Kent State.

A few weeks back we visited Kent State University. As with any other trip, we drove around town and the university while reading up on its history. Most of you know that on May 4, 1970 there was a shooting on campus that wounded 9 and killed 41.

Kent State Memorial of deaths
The sight of one of the deaths at Kent State from May 4, 1970. The sight of each victims death has been blocked off and the name of the student that died there has been marked for all future generations to remember.

To be perfectly honest, this event happened before I was born. I knew nothing about it. Until this past spring, when my youngest decided that is where she wanted to go to school. Then the family had a bit of discussion on this school and my hubby played the song Ohio from Crosby Stills and Nash. I had never heard the song before.

 Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer and William Schroeder. May 4, 1970
Memoriam for Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer and William Schroeder. May 4, 1970

Since we had to visit Kent State for Destination Kent State (DKS) for my daughter (basically this is their orientation for incoming freshman), I knew we would get a chance to really check everything out pertaining to this tragic event in the school’s history.

We arrived on campus on Sunday night, it was not quite dark yet. But getting close to it. Since we had to be on campus by 7:45am the next morning, we wanted to take a quick look around so we can see the campus and form an opinion based on our own. Not listening to what everyone was telling us. After a quick drive around campus, we headed to downtown Kent to get some dinner. We decided on Panini’s Bar &  Grill. It was a bit different, basically they stuff their panini sandwich with coleslaw and fries. Different, but still good.

On Monday, we did all the DKS activities that were scheduled and said good-bye to our daughter for the evening. She was getting the full college experience of sleeping in the dorms with a roommate that she did not know. The hubby and I decided to drive around Kent for a bit to see what the town has to offer. We started at Katie’s Korner for some ice cream. Of course, it is important to know where the good ice cream is when you go someplace new.

As we drove around town, we went past the Kent Free Library (which is now on my list to visit). The Carnegie section of the library houses The Burbick Foundation Genealogy Room, where the genealogy and local history materials are housed. I have a few families that are were from Ohio or went through Ohio. So I know that I need to check this library out on one of my visits to see my daughter.

Unfortunately, after passing the Kent Free Library a bad storm hit the area and we had to head back to the hotel for the night.

Gun Shot Evidence, May 4, Kent State, Peace Sign
Peace sign drawn around a bullet hole on art sculpture that is a permanent reminder of the events of May 4, 1970.

On Tuesday, after finishing up with DKS we made a point to go see the May 4th Memorial, read the historical landmark signs that were there and contemplate what went down on that day. From walking in the footsteps of this tragic day, all I can say is that violence is not the answer. This area of the school still screams for peace. Peace for today, for the future and for the past tragic events.



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