Virtual 1 Day Conference from Unlock the Past

Have you been interested in joining one of the Unlock the Past cruises but knew you could not afford it, yet you wonder what you are missing. It may be too late to book the cruise, but you can still get in on the learning with their 1 day conference in Seattle that will now be offered virtually, as well.

The following information is being shared from our friends at Unlock the Past.

In May we announced Unlock the Past in Seattle with Blaine Bettinger and Maurice Gleeson – and two more presenters. Today we are announcing that this conference will also be live-streamed (and recorded), expanding its reach beyond just those who attend at Seattle Public Library. See the PDF file for all the details.

Both streams – all 10 presentations – will be broadcast live and recorded for watching for a limited time after. It will now be accessible to genealogists everywhere – throughout the US, Canada, the British Isles, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more.

The program will feature:

One whole stream (five talks) on DNA – by Blaine Bettinger (US) and Maurice Gleeson (UK)
Three Irish talks – by Maurice Gleeson (UK)
The hidden web: digging deeper – by Cyndi Ingle (US)
Genealogy and the Little Ice Age – Wayne Shepheard (Canada)



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