Tuesday’s Tip: Utilize All Forums When Possible

Last week on twitter I was having a quick conversation with someone about a website that I utilize from time to time. When the site first went up, genealogists were all over it. Unfortunately, I do not think that it gets the use today that it did originally. This site is Genealogy Wise (GW), and it is run by the National Institute of Genealogical Studies.

GW is run a lot like facebook, it is a social networking site that is just for genealogists. Right off the bat, you have something in common with everyone on the site, you are into genealogy. There is no glazed over, bored look there. Like facebook, GW has many groups you can join, some freely and others where you have to request. Many genealogists on this site are offering free assistance to those that need it.

When I am looking for a quick out-of-state look up, for say an obituary, I will post a message on GW, under the group Look Up Angels. But, I am not done there. I will also go to Ancestry.com and post it in their forum for the specific state and county. To top that off, if I am on my A game, I might also post on Genealogy.com and maybe to my facebook and twitter accounts as well.

The point is, that I am getting the information out there to anyone who happens to be reading that day. Sometimes, I have gotten a reply the very next day and sometimes you have to wait. The only thing I want to remind you of is, if you post to multiple sites, please remember which ones and then go and update all the queries that you have the information. It would not be good to have someone go out of their way to do a free look up for you and you already have the information from someone else on another site.



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    1. Thanks Steph. This is one tip we all should live by. There are so many different forums out there and we need to utilize all of them!

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