Tuesday’s Tip: 5 Reasons to Connect With Genealogists in Your Area

Photo Credit: svilen001 http://www.sxc.hu/
Photo Credit: svilen001

Within the past year, I have made friends with a few local genealogists that I met through the FGS conference in Springfield, summer 2011 and other genealogy meetings around town. This has probably been the best thing I have done with my research for a few reasons:

        1. I always have someone to bounce my research or ideas off of
        2. I have like-minded friends (read no glazed over looks when genealogy is discussed)
        3. Having an outsider to listen to your research problems
        4. Someone to help you get creative with your search criteria for on-line research
        5. They are willing to send you a bit of business

I am thankful for all of my friends, those that are genealogists and those that are not.





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