Treasure Chest Thursday: 1917 Draft Card

For the past few months, I have been posting documents that belonged to my paternal great-grandfather, Dennis O’Connell. This week, I continue with Dennis’s records.

His 1917 Draft Card gives his current address as 29 Main St., Glens Falls, NY. It was signed either Jan or June of 1917, it is a bit hard to decipher. Months after he signed his draft card, Dennis moved to Thorold, Canada.

I am so thankful to have these records and Dennis’s handwriting on each of them.



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  1. Bill,

    I am extremely lucky to have these. I wish I could have a small portion of these on other ancestors!

  2. Wow, I’ve seen scanned images of these online, and I’ve used the data from many of those records. But I’ve never seen an actual photograph, and there is a difference- I never knew they were printed in red! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Heather, I actually scanned this one a few months back. The color does make the whole card stand out. I love having these records!

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