Trading Cards for Genealogists

Randy Seaver at  Genea-Musings has once again put out his call for some Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! This week, we were asked to put together a Genealogists Trading Card and think about how we could use them.

Here is my card:


Looks ok, but I wish I could play with the picture a bit more!

As for what we could do with them, I think they would make a great name badge for all of the conferences we attend (or wish to attend). Maybe even used as a calling card when you are out interviewing those distant relatives. It already has our web address on it, just add a bit more personal information and it is ready to go.

Go ahead and make you card at Big Huge Labs. Also, thanks to Sheri, this was her original idea, you can read about it at The Educated Genealogist.



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