Top 10 Things I learned in Breaking Down my Brick Wall

Brick wall the Lincoln smashed through after hitting my SVX

What I learned from breaking down my brick wall.

  1. Searching nearby counties also means counties in the next state
  2. Unsourced information can lead to a big breakthrough, do not overlook 1 thing
  3. Keep blogging, the more you get out there, the more people will read
  4. Readers of said blog can have the mystery piece of information you need
  5. Be persistent, leave no stone unturned
  6. Be thorough in all you do
  7. Recheck the web sites that you already checked, they get updated
  8. The more you search, the more family you will find
  9. Its ok to ask for help
  10. Be patient, it can take another 10 years to go back 1 more generation!



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    1. Claudia, they say that patience is a virtue…this is one thing I have not learned yet. I expect quick results as well.

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