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Tombstone Tuesday: The Mysterious Marie O’Connell

Marie O’Connell  1859 – 1950

Marie is buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Hudson Falls, NY. She rests on the right side of John O’Connell (my great-great grandfather). The mystery is who is she and how is she related. All of the O’Connell’s are buried in the same area of the cemetery and I have been told this was a French cemetery, a bit odd to find all of my Irish ancestors here. At the New England Historic Genealogy Society, I found an index for the church records of St. Paul’s Church. In the index, there is a marriage of John O’Connell and Marie Goyette. Only information given was the witnesses. None of the names looked familiar, so at this point I have not researched them yet.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is this Marie, Marie Goyette?
  2. Was John O’Connell her husband?

I have called the St. Mary’s Church, (St. Paul’s became part of St. Mary’s after their church fire, St. Mary’s houses all of the remaining records) and they have no other information on this marriage.

I have been searching for any newspaper article announcing the marriage and have found nothing so far. Obviously, more work to be done on my mysterious Marie!



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