Tombstone Tuesday: John Rutledge

Last week I spent a few days in Charleston, South Carolina. While there we explored many cemeteries, some were on accident. A happy accident at that. One of those happy accidents took us to  St. Michael’s Episcopal Church and their adjoining graveyard. I love when I just happen upon a bit of history. Within St. Michael’s graveyard, their are a couple notable burials. The first being that of John Rutledge. John was a signer of the US Constitution (his older brother Edward signed the Declaration of Independence).

John Rutledge Headstone John Rutledge headstone 2


Talk about a piece of history. To be able to see the gravesite of someone who signed such a historical document for the United States.

Not only did Thomas sign the US Constitution, he also was the second chief justice of the United States, he was a delegate to the Stamp Act and Continental Congress. That is just naming a few of the things he did in his lifetime.

More information on John Rutledge can be found here.



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