Tombstone Tuesday: Gary Collins

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Gary J Collins

December 1, 1970 – December 27, 2003

(buried at Rosehill Cemetery – Chicago, IL)

Gary is my brother-in-law. He is one of 11 children, with 2 younger brothers, 2 older sisters and 7 older brothers. The Collins family is large and loving. They accept everyone into their hearts and family, I am truly grateful for this!

Gary died in 2003, in a terrible car accident. He was on his way home for a family celebration, a nephew had been married out-of-state and the family was coming together to celebrate his union. Gary was less than a mile from his apartment when his car was struck by a drunk driver. The drunk driver had minimal injuries and was taken to the local hospital. Gary was not that lucky, he died at the scene.

Since this tragic accident our family has become supporters of MADD and I ask all those reading that through the holidays (and any day) please have a designated driver. Keep your friends and family safe. Life is short, make the most of it now!

Happy Birthday Gary, we love and miss you!



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