Today is THE Day, Irish Researchers Rejoice

Find My Past
Irish researchers are rejoicing at the release of the first full index for the Roman Catholic Parish Registers that came online 7 July, 2015. Instead of spending hours scrolling page by page through the indexes we can now turn to Find My Past (FMP) and do a quick search in the database. It appears that the images are also loaded on the FMP website. Keep in mind that the records are in Latin, so please know what you are looking for. You might have to be creative in your searches to find the correct information.

Not only will this save all the Irish researchers time, it will also save their eyes! I am so excited to have this index and be able to do a quick search. I will be spending a good part of today searching through the FMP indexes to see what I can find.

According to the Eneclann newsletter, this database will remain free (FOREVER).



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