The Results Are Coming

For Christmas I received two DNA tests, one from FtDNA and the other from 23 and Me. I am super excited, the 23 and Me is for my dh’s family and the results should be available in about four weeks. The FtDNA test is a Y-DNA test for my O’Connell line. FtDNA gives me two dates  for results; the 12 marker should be available on 3/29 and the 25 and 37 markers on 4/13 (the final date has moved by ten days since it originally was posted).

I am super excited about getting these results. For the Y-DNA, I hoping to find some genetic connections that might assist me in moving this line further back. A girl can dream, right? This is the line that is always a major brick wall and I would love to crash it completely. But, I will be realistic and hope that it will provided with at least a few clues to the next generation.

The 23 and Me test on my dh’s line will be interesting, according to the family information we have he should be 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Russian and 1/4 Italian. I cannot wait to see how it really breaks down for them.



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  1. Very suspenseful! I hope you crash that brick wall. I have not dared to do these tests yet. In researching my maternal side I have found lots of English, some French, Dutch, and Scots, not to mention a lot of Irish. Before I can make any sense of DNA results, I have to get through my paternal side much further.

    I read Mike Maglio’s complicated article and his DNA ancestry circles that looked mind-blowing to me. A huge project!! Is that the kind of result you are striving for? I wish you the very best of luck in figuring all of it out! I hope you find some fascinating surprises, too.

    1. Thanks Mariann. Not sure I will go as in-depth as Mike Maglio has but I would like to just make a connection or two on the O’Connell line. I am working hard at breaking the brick wall down and seem to be making some progress this week. Need to reach out to someone in County Cork about possibly getting me a few records so I can verify if I have the right family.

  2. Looking forward to hearing the results Terri. I am sure some of the folks on the Facebook /Cork site can help you find the information you are looking for. I have traced my Irish side back over 200 years (dad was 100 percent Irish..Mom 100 percent Italian) and got my second set of ancestry DNA results back and not one trace of Irish. It’s all very confusing. My Italian contacts have been good but just to sure what next steps to take next. Sigh!

    1. The folks on the Cork Facebook page have been helpful as well as others in Ireland that I have connected with. I cannot wait to see what the DNA test will reveal.

      How strange that the Irish did not show up on your test. I do agree that the DNA can be confusing, I look forward to learning more about it as the results roll in.

      Thanks, Lisa for taking the time to comment. It means a lot.

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