The Planning Stages

The planning  of our trip to Ireland was difficult. Difficult because we have never been and there is so much to see. I could not make up my mind on the places to visit and things that are a must see!


I took to Facebook and asked my friends that have been to Ireland before, asking what they thought would be the best places to visit and the best places to stay. I got a ton of replies. Its funny to think that our reach is so large with social media. We get replies from around the world to help us answer our questions. For this trip, it is wonderful because most of the people I know that have been to Ireland are at the Irish Center and I only see them once a month. Not enough to get some advice on making plans.

Some places we were told to visit:

  1. Abbey Theatre
  2. Kylemore Abbey
  3. Ballymaloe House
  4. Cookery School
  5. Cork Market

Some places we were told to stay:

  1. Shelbourne in Dublin
  2. Parknasilla in Sneem, on the Ring of Kerry.
  3. Wyatt Hotel in Westport 

Stay tuned to see what we decided to do!



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