The Mayflower II, Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower Society

While on a road trip through the East Coast with my Aunt Terri and cousin Tracy, we spent a day visiting the Plymouth area. I truly loved walking the coast line and  looking at the historical markers and monuments. I spent a lot of time taking pictures of the Mayflower II. I am glad that they made a replica of the original for the tourists. Ok, who am I kidding, of course they would replicate it, how else will they get all the tourist money. We did not pay to board the ship, I was happy just to look from the shore line and of course snap many pictures.

Here are a few shots that I took of the Mayflower II

While we were by the shore, we also visited Plymouth Rock. They built a grand monument to cover and protect it.

After visiting the Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock I decided to visit the Mayflower Society to see if they could help me with my Richmond line. Many people believe that my line connects into the line of Thomas Rogers, through his grand-daughter Abigail Rogers who married John Richmond. The weather was extremely hot and I do not handle it well. By the time I walked up the hill to the society and then walked to the back of the house, where the library is, I thought it would be the end of me.

I checked in with the woman at the desk and told her what I was looking for, she advised that I would have to wait for another lady who had just stepped out. I was ok with this. I needed to cool off, and the library was a perfect spot to do just that. When the lady came back from the post office, she had me sign in and take care of the monetary business, $5 to use the library. Then we talked about my Richmond line, and the questions I have. This woman knew her books and where to locate them. She sent me off to the ladies room, so I could throw cold water on my face (you know you are not doing well when others point it out). When I returned, she had a few books waiting for me. I spent a good half hour going through them, but I knew I did not have much time (my aunt and cousin where patiently waiting for me).  I  could not find what I was looking for and the librarian offered to do some checking for me. All I had to do was fill out a sheet of paper with the descendants of Thomas Rogers (my specific line) and note where my questions came in.

The garden was beautiful!

I used Ancestry.com’s application for the Iphone to fill this sheet out and I must say, that I found it very difficult to maneuver through it. I have not even checked to see if I gave the correct information, which I plan to do in the near future. The librarian replied the same day that she had no documentation on the family member at this point. Once I go through my information again, I will reply to her email.

The Mayflower Society Library



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  1. Bill, you are so quick to leave a message! Thanks, we had a great time and really loved it. Lots of stories to share…

    1. Cheryl, Thanks for waiting patiently, I appreciate it. I hope I gave them the correct info as well. Hope to get to that next week.

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