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The Lectures I Attended at the Family History Expos

Thought I would take a quick moment today to give a list of the lectures I was able to attend this weekend, before I talk about them separately.

The FamilySearch Wiki: The most valuable genealogical resource on the internet which was given by James L. Tanner (James is also a blogger, his blog is Genealogy’s Star).

Visualizing Your Genealogical Data and Finishing The Story by Jennifer Holik (Jennifer is a professional genealogist and author, she blogs as well and it is Generations.)

FTDNA and 23 and Me Compared by Bernard E. Gracy, Jr.

When The Census Taker Came, Grandpa Was in the Outhouse and My Ancestors Johnny Reb and Billy Yank by Ruby Coleman (Ruby is an author and a blogger, her blog’s are The “You Go Genealogy Girls” and Genealogy Lines).

In the next few days, I will blog about the lecures I attended.




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