The Hayes, Murphy and Healy Connections

Hayes, Murphy and Healy families come together with the second marriage of Patrick Hayes Sr and Mary Murphy.

From Patrick’s second marriage record we learn his parents were Peter Hayes and Mary Scanlon.1

*Peter Hayes and Mary Scanlon

Unfortunately a marriage record for Peter and Mary was not found, though I did find baptismal records for the following children:

  • Margaret b. 10 Jul 18342
  • Elizabeth b. 14 Oct 18373
  • Peter b. 1 July 18414
  • Patrick b. 1 Feb 18425
  • Catherine b. 1 Aug 18486
  • Michael b. 1 Aug 18507

Mary Murphy is the child of Edmund / Edward Murphy and Mary Healy.8

*This is the family that I am most interested in, as they lived through the famine. Hopefully, I will be able to spend some more time to see what else I can find regarding the family at that time.

Edmund / Edward Murphy and Mary Healy

They were married 14 Sep 1873 at Church of Michael the Archangel, in Ballylongford, County Kerry and had the following children:9

  • Mary b. 27 Jul 187410
  • Catherine b. 28 May 187611
  • Hanora b. 9 Jun 187812
  • Daniel b. 22 Jan 188813
  • John b. 4 Jun 189014
  • Ellen b. 9 Apr 189415
  • William b. 22 May 189616

Mary Healy is the daughter of John Healy and Mary Holly.17

Edmund / Edward Murphy is the son of Edmund Murphy and Mary Hennessy.18

Of course the Healy and Murphy families are not direct ancestors for Sean Hayes, but the families did come together with the marriage of Patrick Hayes Sr and Mary Murphy in 1895.
It is important to note that this information was pulled from index records only. The church records have not all been put online yet. Please do not take my research as gospel, as I am conducting the research online and do not have access to the original record at this time. 

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