The Hayes Family in Ireland

After watching the Sean Hayes episode of Who Do You Think You Are? I spent some time researching the Hayes family in Ireland (and Chicago). Mostly because I wanted to see the records that were not shown on the television. I knew that since Patrick Jr was born in 1879 that Civil Registration Records should be available as well as church records. Not only that, but I knew they should be in the 1901 Census as well.

Taking just the small amount of information that was provided in the episode I was able to dig into the family. Remember when Sean asked if that was all the information there was? They told him yes and sent his on his way to Tarbert. There might not have been any more to the story of court records and problem family members, but there is definitely more family that I was able to put together with just online records. To be honest, I wish I was able to find this much information on my family.

Lets take a look at what I found!

Patrick Hayes Sr. and Bridget Enright

Patrick Hayes Sr. of Ballylongford and Bridget Enright of Saleen, married 27 April 1870 at St. Mary’s Church in Tarbert, County Kerry, Ireland. They had the following children:

  • John b. 7 Jan 18731
  • William b. 13 Feb 18752
  • Mary b. 15 May 18773
  • Patrick Jr. b. 8 Apr 18794
  • Bridget b. 19 May 18815
  • Michael b. 23 May 18836

We learned in the show that Bridget died on 22 May 1888.

What we were not told is that Patrick Sr married for a second time (though in the bonus scenes online this was briefly discussed because of a newspaper article).

Patrick Hayes Sr. and Mary Murphy

Patrick Sr. married Mary Murphy of Tullahennel, County Kerry on 26 Oct 1895.7

They had the following children:

  • Margaret b. 17 Jan 18998
  • Alice b. 21 Oct 18969
  • Kate b. 190110

Make sure to come back on Friday for some more information on the Hayes family!

*It is important to note that this information was pulled from index records only. As of the date of writing this, the church records had not all been put online yet. Please do not take my research as gospel, as I am conducting the research online and do not have access to the original record at the time.


  1. John Hayes Baptismal index 

  2. William Hayes Baptismal index 

  3. Mary Hayes Baptismal index 

  4. Patrick Hayes Jr. Baptismal index 

  5. Bridget Hayes Baptismal index 

  6. Michael Hayes Baptismal index 

  7. Murphy – Hayes Marriage 

  8. Margaret Murphy Baptismal index 

  9. Alice Murphy Baptismal index 

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  1. Definitely following these posts as my Grandmother’s folks are from Milltown and Blennerville,County Kerry. Plus, my kids have Chicago Irish ancestors. I thought the Sean Hayes episode was very poignant family history and an interesting family to follow research-wise.

    1. Thanks, Magda! I hope you are looking at the church records on for your family. I truly could not believe all I was able to find on the Hayes family. I could only wish the records of my ancestors in Ireland shared as much information as the Hayes families did.

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