The Americanizing of a Name…

I have spent the last week doing some research on the Poray’s. Most of what I have found are the different variations of the name. When the family came to America, the name was Porai-Koshitz. When Mary passed, it was Poray-Koshetz. I have recently been in contact with a man from Russia who has given me the Russian variations of the name. They are:

  • Porai-Koshits
  • Poray-Koshits
  • Poray-Kochits – french in id passport
  • We also seemed to have Americanized the name Anatole from Anatoly.
  • It seems that William dropped the Koshetz/Koshits from his name when he got married. Just need to find out when Porai changed to Poray?



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