Thanksgiving Preparations

What are your Thanksgiving preparations this year?

Remember that this is a great time to talk to your extended family members about their families, bring the family group sheets. It is possible that you might be spending the day with family members you have not seen in a year or maybe more. Collect all the new births, marriages and deaths that you might not have known about. Lets face it, sometimes life moves fast and we miss family events. I definitely learned that a few weeks back when my aunt was visiting from California.

Take time to ask questions of the elder generation. This is a very important part of collecting the family history, I hope you are lucky enough to still do this. Unfortunately, I had been told to speak to my aunt Dorothy about my grandmother’s family many times. I never did it. I had many excuses as to why, and now each excuse is not worth repeating. I missed out on all of it. Now, I do my best to pull the information from my dad’s sister’s and their cousin. Ladies (you know who you are), are completely appreciate each email and phone call with you.

When you get home, the most important thing is to update your database(s)!




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