Summing up 2009 Goals

The next installment of Carnival of Genealogy is about our goals for 2010. I could not very well write new goals with revisiting the ones I set for 2009. Below are the goals for 2009 in bold and what I have accomplished so far.

1. Find out who the parents are for John O’Connell.

Still trying to find out. I have found where John is buried, I need to order his death certificate to continue my research.

2. Find out who the parents are for Bridget Curran O’Connell.

Again, I have found where she is buried and need to get more records to continue research on the Curran line. According to church records, they believe she had a sister named Catherine.

3. Place the remaining 2 O’Connell’s at St Paul’s/St Mary’s Cemetery into the family tree.

Still have to place Marie O’Connell (1859 – 1950). I am thinking she is either a second wife for John or an unmarried sister.

4. Go to NY and visit the cemeteries and get photo’s of grave markers (St Paul’s/St Mary’s, Black River and Mount Carmel). Plus meet the family I have found.

Since I have been unemployed for most of the year, I have not been able to make it to NY. I have written letters and spoke on the phone with one of the relatives I have found. Theresa is willing to meet with our family and interested in whatever family information I have found.

5. Continue to blog my research and findings on a regular basis.

Still blogging about my research

6. Start more in-depth research on the Springer line.

The Springer line starts with my Great Grandmother Rose Springer (30 Mar 1888 – 22 Aug 1966). So far, I have found her Mother in once census record. Mother is Mary, she also has a brother, William and a sister, Sophia/Sophie.

Though I have done a lot of research this year, it seems I need to work more on these goals. To be precise, I need to set precise goals and go from there.



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