Staying in Historic Places: Shelbourne Hotel

Shelbourne Hotel PlaqueOne of the places we stayed while in Ireland was the Shelbourne Hotel. We discussed many places and this is the one that we decided we would be staying at. Little did I know then about the historical significance this hotel holds. It was pretty cool to be able to read about the history of this hotel.

The hotel is very proud of its history, on the first floor they house a museum that has many of the old registers, copies of the Irish constitution and outside the room you can watch a video which shows all the famous people who have stayed there.

The hotel owners and staff took different sides during the Easter Rising, and the hotel survived.  To read about the Shelbourne’s connection to the Easter Rising,  read the pdf from Marriott.

In May of 1922 the hotel played host to a meeting which drafted the Irish Constitution, Bunreacht na hÉireann was drawn up in room 112, under the leadership of Michael Collins. This room is now called the constitution room. 1

Shelbourne Hotel, Front statue
It seems in the thousand or so pictures I took that I did not get any in the museum. That makes me sad. Guess I will have to visit again, the tragedy of it all.

  1. The Shelbourne Museum 



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