Springer – O’Connell

I got a response on a message board post. The post was looking for more information on Rose Springer – O’Connell. Looks like we found her, with Dennis in 1910 in Saratoga, NY. They are with the 3 children and Rose’s brother William and their mother Mary E Robichaud. Mary is widowed,1  I am assuming for the second time. Will see if I can find an obit or anything else on her, which might lead to the first husband. Of course, I will keep you updated.

  1. Dennis O’Connell Household, 1910 U.S. Census, Saratoga County, NY, population schedule, Moreau Township, page 7A, dwelling 141, family 153, Supervisor’s District [SD] 9, Enumerator’s District [ED] 119, Ancestry.com, accessed: 14 Nov 2008 



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