Speaking at Local Genealogical Society Meetings

In September, I was lucky enough to speak at the Fountaindale Library on one of my favorite subjects, Scandalous Ancestors. Though there were many technical difficulties, I truly enjoyed speaking with the group. I never thought that speaking at local genealogical society’s would be fun. To be honest, when I was asked to speak last year I was excited and terrified all at once.

Since then, I have also lectured at the Lake County Genealogical Society. There, my topic was Researching the Forbidden. Again, this is another of my favorite topics. Family scandal is plentiful, we all have stories if we just dig deep enough. I was totally impressed that one of the youngest woman who attended the lecture felt comfortable enough to share her story with the group. At the end of the night, she came up and talked to me a bit more about her family stories.

It excites me to see young people in attendance and that they are comfortable enough to share with the group. I have had conversations with many genealogists, that are not much younger than I am,  that have issues with attending society meetings because they feel like they have three heads and are being stared at.

Genealogy comes in many shapes, sizes and colors and we should embrace them all!

If you are looking for someone to speak at an upcoming meeting for your genealogical society, contact me.



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