So, What is TWGPP?

World War II Memorial, Washington D.C ©Terri O'Connell 2012


Have you heard about TWGPP? Do you know what it is?


TWGPP is The War Graves Photographic Project, and their goal is to record, archive,  and make available to the descendants images of the graves or memorial listings of every service casualty since the First World War. Like many of the other grave photograph sites, this is also an all-volunteer effort.


Because their website has a search function, all you have to do is enter your ancestors name and click search. Once the search is complete (usually within seconds) a list of all servicemen matching your search criteria will be shown. Once you browse through the list and find who you are looking for, all you have to do is click on the specific serviceman’s name, and you will be brought to the picture of the headstone as well as a listing of anything related to said person. Some of the records include great genealogical information, such as, “son of …” with an address. Imagine finding that information for your brick wall ancestor – all on one web site!


Please take some time to check out their great website, and think about volunteering to help with this great project that is dedicated to those that fought for the freedoms we all enjoy today.




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