So What is Next For The O’Connell Line

On 29 Oct, I wrote the post How my brick wall came tumbling down. Now I have to decide what is the next step for this line.

Do I:

  • Try to figure out when John came to the USA
  • Try to find out more details on his parents, Dennis and Helen (Teahan) O’Connell
  • Try to find a marriage record for either of John’s marriage (not just an index)
  • Continue through census records to see if I can find him in 1880, 1870, and 1860 (or any other census)
  • Research more of John and Bridget’s children (still need to research John, Daniel, Elizabeth and Harriet)
  • Look into land records for John
  • Search out John’s probate records

Since I spent this week catching up on my reading of Casefile Clues, by Michael John Neill. I have learned that I need to decide on one goal and then I  should take the time and put together a spreadsheet with the available information. Once I have done that it might lead me to where I need to look next. With my goal on this family being to find more information on where we are from in Ireland, maybe I should set up a few different goals and then make a spreadsheet for each with all available information and see if they will bring me any closer.

Since I have baptismal information on John, I know the town he lived in at the time of his birth. But, that does not tell me that this is where his parents were necessarily from. My ramblings here only prove the fact that I cannot decide which route to take on the family. Since I have a nice three-day weekend ahead, it looks like I will be taking some time to move forward on this line.

If anyone has a suggestion on which route would be better to go, feel free to leave a comment here.



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