SNGF: What Genealogist Would You Like to Meet

Randy at Genea Musing has asked that we answer the following questions tonight?

  1. Identify one genealogist that you would like to meet. The person could be living or deceased.
  2. Why do you want to meet with this person?
  3. What would you talk about? What questions would you ask this person?

So after giving this a lot of thought. My choice would be, Megan Smolenyak – Smolenyak.

I would like to meet Megan, because over the  past year, I have watched her on Roots Television. It seems she has traveled everywhere and has been interviewed by everyone. 

I would love to talk with her about my family history of course, who would not want to get a little help. I would also like to discuss her work on tracing President Obama’s lineage. But, I would also want to discuss her work on the Annie Moore dedication this past year. Also her work at Unclaimed Persons, and how her efforts have helped bring the bodies of many John/Jane Does home. 




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