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I recently watched a home video that my daughter, Brittany, taped in 2004 when we were in West Virginia for  the Hilton Family Reunion. The battery was low on the camera and we did not have the charger with us. I had searched for it before we left on the trip and was not successful, I was so upset by this. Brittany got a good hour to an hour and a half of our family together. This is a treasured gift for me. I have so many family stories that she taped on this night, that we will always be able to remember our family telling these stories and memories that Grandma and her sisters shared of their uncles, family we never met (or do not remember meeting). I plan to take some of these stories and post them here on Finding Our Ancestors, I cannot think of a better place for them to be. Check back soon for the first installment of our families stories.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for keeping your chargers were you will find them? As technology changes we seem to add more and more chargers and I try to keep them with the item they belong to, but sometimes it proves to be difficult. Suggestions welcome to help me end this problem.



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  1. The chargers for my husband’s cameras reside in a backpack which contains all the camera type equipment. This means that the video camera and it’s cord are in the backpack at all times.

    Sounds simplistic, but I have a drawer which has all chargers and connectors for the electronic equipment I use on an intermittent basis.

    I also have a box in the basement, which is full of specialized charging and connecting cords from equipment that had to be retired and recycled.

  2. Pam,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading. I try to keep my chargers in the bags with the equipment as well. We also have a spare bag that contains many miscellaneous chargers that go to who knows what devices.

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