September: New Irish Records

September: Irish Record ReleaseSeptember was a great month for Irish genealogists. The latest release has put civil registration records online, as well as more valuation records.

Civil Registration Records for those new to Irish genealogy, these are your vital records (birth, marriage and death). The privacy period is different for each set. For birth there is a 100 year period, marriage is 75 years and death is 50 years.

Marriages are currently available from 1882 forward and deaths are from 1891 forward. The GRO is currently working on the earlier years and will get those up when they are ready.1

The new valuation records are available on two websites:

  1. National Archives of Ireland
  2. FindMyPast

It is great that the records are available on both websites. However, the National Archives site gives you more options in your search functions.

  1. What Years Are Covered by the Historic Records of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Irish Genealogy; accessed 15 Sept 2016. 



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