Season Five of WDYTYA

Season five of WDYTYA started last week with Cynthia Nixon from Sex in the City. I am probably the only female that did not watch the show. I will be honest and admit that I was not looking forward to Cynthia’s episode because I really did not know much about her. Wow. I was in for a reality check. You do not need to know anything about the celebrity to enjoy the show. Well, at least for a genealogist anyway. I have watched many episodes of WDYTYA on you tube from the British version and did not know who must of the celebrities were, and still enjoyed the show. Why should the US version be any different.

For me, this just proves that the television series Who Do You Think You Are would still be a good program to watch (and learn from) if  the show followed the average person. It is not always about who is having their family story told. It is about those that came before us and their stories not being forgotten.

How can we, the average Joe make sure the stories of our ancestors are not forgotten? What will we do to remember each story and preserve it for the next generation?

These questions are important to every genealogist. Please weigh in and tell us what you will do!




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