Search for NY Descendants

So, since my few finds this year, I have turned my research towards finding any living relatives in NY. Through Dennis’ obit, I  have the married names of his sisters and the area that they were living in the 1950’s. I used this info and found Catherine O’Connell Pratt, buried at Black River Cemetery, I have mailed a letter to a Mr Pratt of Black River, NY (Catherine’s son).  I believe he would be the nephew of my G Grandfather Dennis O’Connell. I mailed this letter on Oct 30, 2008, so I anxiously await a response. If this connection is correct, I have found many relatives to connect with, which excites me. This could make that trip to NY much more memorable. We won’t just have local cemeteries to visit. But hopefully live family as well.

As I said, hopefully, Mr Pratt will respond that his mother is the daughter of John and Bridget O’Connell. Then we will be able to point is the correct direction of more family members that I have not found.

If and when I get a response, I will let everyone know.



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