School’s in Session, Post 6

I finished the Methodology class on 21 Feb. I am very excited to have completed my second class. I moved ahead in this class because it was easier then the US: Census Records class. I seem to take more time with the census records and having to do research. Now, I can spend the next few weeks dedicated to the research in the Census Records class.

As for Methodology, I have learned that I need to be more organized and use more forms to track my research. This way I do not beat the same pavement in each search. The class has given many great examples of forms that can be used and I will go through and see if there are any changes that I need to make to incorporate them into my work.

Completion of the US: Census Records took a bit longer. I finished it on Wednesday, 3 Mar 2010, I am excited to be done. The very last assignment too me about 3 hours to complete. I cannot say that I will retain 100% of the information given in this class, but at least I have some great tools to utilize when I research within the US Census Records.

Final learning of these classes, be more organized and be detailed with the information we are abstracting from the Census Records!



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  1. Thanks for following me through these classes Bill. Your support is greatly appreciated! New posts to come on the new classes…

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